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Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Programs and Strategies |

Talk. They Hear You.

samhsa_talk_logoAs a parent, you may not realize the tremendous influence you have over your kids, even when they are acting like rebellious teenagers. The truth is, talking about your family’s healthy beliefs and clear standards (including specific consequences) around alcohol and other drug use is the strongest prevention strategy on planet Earth! Research shows your conversations have more influence on your teen’s behavior than their peers, school and media.

Getting parents to talk with their kids is a Coalition priority. We adopted the national “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign as our primary public awareness effort because it aligns with our goal to better equip parents to set clear standards and communicate healthy beliefs. Currently, Talk ads show at the Monroe Galaxy Theater.

The Coalition has also expanded on the national campaign to create  “Talk. I Hear You.” messages. These are are written by local teens and directed to their parents, and also encourage parents to talk with them about their family’s healthy beliefs and clear standards.


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