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Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in The Initiative |

What is a CPWI Coalition?

Multicolored plasticine human figures concluding a treatyCommunity Prevention and Wellness Initiative Coalitions have:

  1. Members who represent at least eight community sectors (such as health, law enforcement, education, parents and youth) as active members of the coalition.
  2. At least one half-time community coordinator supporting the coalition and community.
  3. At least one full-time prevention/intervention specialist in the selected school(s).
  4. The readiness to benefit from prevention programs.
  5. The ability to implement evidence-based strategies: environmental, direct service, capacity building and public awareness.
  6. Training resources for volunteers and paid staff.
  7. Resources to match intended outcomes in a performance-based contract.
  8. The ability to participate in integrating substance abuse prevention, mental health promotion and primary care.
  9. The ability to evaluate program and community-level change.

As CPWI communities begin to demonstrate the many positive outcomes from prevention services, we expect support to grow for expanding these investments to other high-need communities in Washington.

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