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PAX Good Behavior Game

PAX Good Behavior Game

The PAX Good Behavior Game is the most effective classroom-based prevention strategy on planet Earth. It teaches students self-regulation, self-control and self-management, but it is not about consequences or control.  In fact, the PAX Game isn’t even a curriculum – it is a collection of simple, evidence-based strategies educators learn to use in their classroom while they go about their normal day. The game is so effective, teachers who use it typically report regaining more than an hour per day of extra teaching time because of reduced distracting and disruptive behavior!

Research clearly shows the “game” has significant lifelong impacts and has been shown to:

  • Decrease – the number of youth who will abuse alcohol and other drugs, smoke, develop anti-social personality disorders, need special education services, be convicted of serious violent crimes and contemplate or attempt suicide.
  • Increase – the number of youth who will make healthy choices, graduate from high school and enter university.

The PAX Game in Monroe

The Community Coalition is working with its school district partners to fund training and implementation of the PAX Game through a grant from the Washington State Department of Social and Human Services Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery.

We are currently playing the game in classrooms at Maltby and Chain Lake Elementary Schools and hope to expand to more schools in the 2016/2017 school year.

We saw almost immediate results in every classroom implementing the game during our pilot last spring. Maltby Elementary School achieved an almost 60% reduction in distracting and disruptive behaviors while Chain Lake Elementary achieved and 86% reduction!

The Monroe Monitor published an excellent article about the PAX Game. You can read it by clicking the picture below:

PAX News Article Monroe Monitor

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